Garden Sheds In Arkansas

shed wall height
6′ and 7′ Wall Height
door height
Insulated Door
lp smartsiding for sheds
Treated LP SmartSide
rat proof barn shed
Mouse Proof
snake proof barn shed
Snake Proof

This garden shed is designed to be an old-fashioned style modeled after a Pennsylvania Dutch structure. The roof overhang is perfect for protecting your door and windows. The uses for this garden shed are limited only by your imagination. From playhouses and workshops to tool sheds and ticket booths…you can meet any of your needs with this high-quality Quaker Shed.

Quaker Shed Pricing

SizePrice36 m. RTO48 m. RTOSecurity Deposit


Standard Quaker Shed Features & Specs

Standard FeatureDescription
RoofOffset style
Widowstwo 2'x3' standard
Shutters2 pairs
Flower Boxes2
Door5' insulated side entry door (4' door on 8' wide sheds)
Flooring16" on center with 5/8 T&G Advantech flooring

Quaker Shed Upgrades

Available OptionPrice
Additional window (2x3 standard)$125 ea.
Shutters$50 per window
Window Box$50 per window
Radiant BarrierRoof- $1.50 sq. ft.
Walls $2 sq. ft.

Quaker Shed Inventory

Discover our broad range of Quaker Sheds, where functionality, allure, and adaptability effortlessly come together. Whether you need extra outdoor storage, a workshop for your hobbies, or a charming retreat, our Quaker Sheds offer the ideal answer. Featuring an elegant offset roof and delightful overhang, these sheds bring a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. Find your perfect used Quaker Shed to enrich and elevate your outdoor area today.

Quaker Shed Delivery

If you live within a 50-mile radius of one of our dealers, delivery is free. In addition to the garden shed installation, we will use a mule to transport the shed to your desired location because our mule can save both labor and time. For more information on delivery, please contact us.

Quaker Shed Interiors

garden shed interior
flooring garden shed


We use 3 pressure-treated skids that sit under water-resistant flooring. That gives this garden shed a stable and sturdier flooring system. Not to mention the floor joists are resistant to rot damage and termites. Our flooring joists are 2×6 treated lumber spaced 16’’ on the center and are built to be rat and snake-proof.

wall portable storage shed


For the walls, we use 2×4 lumber spaced 16’’ in the center. This gives you the best & sturdiest wall over a regular 24’’ on-center setup. Our garden shed walls are designed to last.

safety garden shed


This quaker shed is built following the Arkansas construction code and regulations. The roof of this garden shed is made with premium 40-year metal roofing, and you have the full option of designing or customizing this shed to your specifications.

siding portable storage shed


This garden shed uses LP smart siding with 50 years of guaranteed warranty. The siding we use helps prevent termites, fungus, and rot from taking over your shed. After we have installed the siding, we finish it by caulking the nail holes for that aesthetic look.

Portable Storage Shed Reviews

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