Up to $1,000 OFF In-Stock *Details Here* & 10% OFF Clearance Buildings

Up to $1,000 OFF In-Stock *Details Here* & 10% OFF Clearance Buildings

Studio Deluxe
Sheds In Arkansas

shed wall height
7’4″ and 10’3″ Wall Height
door height
72×72 Double Door
lp smartsiding for sheds
Treated LP SmartSide
rat proof barn shed
Mouse Proof
snake proof barn shed
Snake Proof

Studio sheds are a popular type of shed if you want a more modern-looking shed. Our deluxe studio sheds are just that. Have you ever dreamed of your ideal office shed? You no longer have to wait. Our studio sheds are designed just for you, and we have in-stock options. One of the nice things about the studio shed is that you can also use it for your children’s playhouse, a lounge, or a hobby shed because it has two large windows to let in the fresh air and a significant amount of light. A transom window on top of the door adds a stylish touch to the Studio sheds. You can also customize this deluxe studio shed to meet your specific needs.

Studio Deluxe Shed Pricing

Size:Cash Price:36 m. RTO48 m. RTOSecurity Deposit


Standard Studio Deluxe Shed Features & Specs

Standard FeatureDescription
RoofSaltbox style
Windowstwo 2'x3' standard
Shutters2 pairs
Transom Windows3
VentsTwin vent system
Door72"x72" double door with glass
Flooring16" on center with 5/8 T&G Advantech flooring

Studio Deluxe Shed Upgrades

Available OptionPrice
Additional Window 2x3 standard)$125 ea.
Shutters$50 per window
Flower Boxes$50 per window
Radiant BarrierRoof- $1.50 sq. ft.
Walls $2 sq. ft.

Studio Deluxe Shed Inventory

Explore our varied collection of used Deluxe Studio Sheds, where functionality, durability, and aesthetics seamlessly converge to elevate your outdoor space. Whether you envision an outdoor living area, a guest retreat, or a cozy escape, our Deluxe Studio Sheds offer the ideal answer. Designed meticulously for both comfort and functionality, these sheds provide ample space to craft your dream outdoor haven. Discover your perfect fit in our inventory today and turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary of relaxation and leisure.

Studio Shed Delivery

If you live within a 50-mile radius of one of our dealers, delivery is free. In addition to the shed installation, we will use a mule to transport the shed to your desired location because our mule can save both labor and time. For more information on delivery, please contact us.

Shed Interiors

deluxe studio shed interior
flooring garden shed


Our deluxe shed flooring is installed using 2×6 pressure-treated lumber that is spaced 16’’ on center for a sturdier floor system. All of our studio deluxe sheds are rat and snake-proof as well!

wall portable storage shed


The studio shed walls are installed with 2×4 lumber spaced 16’’ on center. Our shed structures are built to withstand heavy wind and rain and will not leak over time. These durable sheds can make the perfect space for years!

safety garden shed


This deluxe studio shed is built using high-quality materials that will withstand wear and tear for years and give you an aesthetically pleasing appearance. We construct our structures by Arkansas code and regulations. Don’t forget about the security of a durable fiberglass door!

siding portable storage shed


Our deluxe sheds have a 50-year warranty when it comes to the siding. We use mold-resistant, rot-resistant, and rat and snake-proof siding. You have the option of designing and choosing your colors.

Studio Deluxe Shed Reviews

Although it may seem unbelievable, the feedback from our clients at Bald Eagle Barns speaks volumes about our services. We stick to the golden rule that advises treating others as we would like to be treated, not just in our personal lives but also in business. Our primary objective is to exceed our customers’ expectations, and we always appreciate hearing their thoughts and experiences of working with us.