See Our Super Summer Sale Here!

See Our Super Summer Sale Here!

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6’ and 7′ Wall Height
door height
3’ Insulated Door
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Treated LP SmartSide
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The Metro: A Small Backyard Shed

Metro sheds are one of the most convenient small backyard sheds and are ideal for customers who need a shed for a small city space. Our metro sheds are not only ideal for maximizing storage space but will also enhance your backyard with their unique design.

This small backyard shed can be customized to your preferences and lifestyle. This shed can also be used as a tool shed, garden shed, or just common storage. They are also the most affordable sheds if you need storage right away.

Metro small backyard sheds are simple to maintain and clean, providing enough space to organize your shed to your specifications. Our small backyard structures will improve the appearance of your backyard, and the sloped roof will keep snow and other debris from resting on top!

Metro Shed Pricing

Size:Cash Price:36 m. RTO48 m. RTO60 m. RTOSecurity Deposit

Building Question


Standard Metro Sheds Features & Specs

Standard FeatureDescription
RoofSaltbox style
VentsTwin gable vent system
Flooring16″ on center with 5/8 T&G Advantech flooring

Metro Sheds Upgrades

Available OptionPrice
Radiant BarrierRoof: $1.50 sq. ft.
Walls: $2 sq. ft.
Window (2×3 standard)$125 ea.
9-lite glass door upgrade$100

Metro Small Backyard Shed Inventory

Explore the incredible versatility and compact design of our used Metro Small Backyard Shed inventory. Whether you need extra storage space for your outdoor equipment, a dedicated workshop for your hobbies, or a cozy backyard retreat, our used Metro Small Backyard Sheds offer the perfect solution. Experience the seamless blend of functionality and charm that our Metro Small Backyard Sheds provide, and transform your outdoor space into a practical and stylish haven. Discover the exceptional options available in our inventory and unlock the full potential of your outdoor area.

Metro Shed Delivery

We deliver metro sheds to your specific location at no additional cost if you are within 50 miles of us or one of our dealers! We deliver metro sheds ourselves, as well as install and level them on concrete blocks. Contact us to find out more information. 

Small Backyard Shed Interior

small backyard shed interior
flooring garden shed


For this small backyard shed, we use 2×6 pressure-treated flooring, which is termite, fungus, and rot resistant. On top of the 2×6 pressure-treated flooring joists that are spaced 16″ on center, we use 5/8 flooring, which gives you the best and sturdiest flooring system. This flooring will make you confident that you can store heavier equipment and tools like lawnmowers or folding furniture.

wall portable storage shed


Our small backyard shed walls are installed using 2×6 lumber which is spaced 16’’ on the center. This helps to make it 50% sturdier and stronger than regular 24’’ spaced walls. This also helps our small backyard sheds withstand severe weather conditions.

safety garden shed


This small backyard shed is built with a high-quality material that will last you years and continue to measure up to safety standards. This shed is built according to Arkansas code and regulations. We guarantee this small backyard shed is rat and snake-proof. To find out more about this guarantee, check out this page.

siding portable storage shed


Our small backyard sheds siding is covered by a 50-year warranty. We use LP smart siding that is fungus and mildew-resistant and helps make the shed rat and snake-proof. The LP smart siding we use is long-lasting and comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Portable Storage Shed Reviews

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