We are dedicated to making our customers happy! We do all we can so that you are absolutely satisfied and content with your barn. Check out some kind words from our happy customers below.

Very Good

Very very good.
William Richards
July 21, 2023

Nice Looking

Nice looking buildings
Catalina Baby
July 21, 2023


Own three. All are outstanding.
Roger Delffs
July 21, 2023

Nothing but the Best

Nothing but the best in every possibly area.
Leslie Lamothe
July 21, 2023

Great Selection

Great selection and staff!
Byron Eugene Skinner
July 21, 2023

Very Nice Barns

They’ve got some very nice barns.
Edwin Friesen
July 21, 2023

Friendly Folks

Friendly folks, quick and ez.
Brenda Astle
July 21, 2023


Completely perfect! Brian is great!
Richard Bascom
July 21, 2023

A+ Staff

You can not beat the staff here. They are second to none. They get an A+ from me!!!
Billy Burns
July 21, 2023

Great People

Great people and high quality buildings. We took ours and made a really nice home for our kennel.
Randy Stice
July 21, 2023

Excellent Product

I bought a storage shed from them & I’m very well pleased. Excellent product, very nice people to deal with.
Linda Parks
July 21, 2023

Professional and Great Service

I have bought two buildings and rented one. They all were very nice and patience. They have also move all the buildings for me. They are very professional and give great service.
Sandra Taylor
July 21, 2023

Very Nice Salesman

Stopped in for info. Very nice salesman (Duane Miller) and no high pressure to buy today. Got two quotes. Will be back to buy when we are ready.
Rae Jeanne Nicholas
July 21, 2023

Nice Barns

They have nice barns in every size and reasonable prices. Dewayne was really nice and actually knew all the answers to my questions unlike some people who look at you with a blank expression
Lari Taylor
July 21, 2023

Great Workmanship

I had my Bald Eagle barn for 15 years. No problems what so ever. Buying a bigger one this year. Great workmanship. Very great people .
Bunny FooFoo
July 21, 2023

Highly Recommend

We love our storage building. The ordering was easy. Titus called and verified the order. Was delivered when they said it would be. The construction is great. Highly recommend Bald Eagle Barns
Rhonda Hostler
July 21, 2023

Highest Quality

Just bought my wife a custom 10’ x20’ she- shed at the Brookland location. The shed is built with the highest quality .They are very nice and professional and shed turned out wonderful. Will be doing business with them again!
Matt Byard
July 21, 2023

Friendly and Helpful Staff

Very good quality buildings. Friendly and helpful staff. Easy to find with a ton of parking. Any of my friends in semi’s can get in and out easily. I did a lot of shopping around and theses are the best out there.
Sherry Gardner
July 21, 2023

Fair Price

At first I thought that the barns, or big sheds be were kinda expensive. As I looked at more and more I could see the quality difference. The fancier the shed or more options the more you spend. You really need to look at pretty much all the sheds or barns to get a feel for the value. You will see you can get a quality barn for a fair price, not a cheap barn.

Bill Odwyer
July 21, 2023


12 x 32 workshop. On time delivery, lower price than my original estimate. High quality workmanship. Exceptional installation crew. Installed, leveled and complete in a VERY short time.
Will buy from these people again.

Harley John
July 20, 2023

Extremely Kind and Helpful

The people who work here are extremely kind and helpful. We ordered a building from them and my in-laws did as well, in-laws requested a building that could be delivered THAT DAY because we planned poorly and didn’t have anywhere to store our property while we waited on ours to be built. Originally they had told us that day wouldn’t happen, but while my in-laws were filling out paperwork they got a call back and were able to barely get them squeezed in for delivery. This isn’t always possible, we just happened to get really lucky. Thank you Bald Eagle Barns!
Alexandrea Zellar
July 20, 2023

Good Product

This is our second Barn Eagle. This one is a workshop and the quality is great. And square. Time to build was well worth waiting for. Brian did a excellent job communicating with me, to get my order correctly. Delivery was a challenge but he came through. Thanks for a good product.
Timmy Holland
July 20, 2023

Delightful Buying Experience

Delightful buying experience. Tim was kind, helpful, knowledgeable and not pushy at all. If today’s experience is any indication of how the rest of the transaction will go I will be one satisfied customer!
UPDATE: We’ve had our barn a few weeks now and LOVE it! I can’t speak highly enough about our experience. It is well built, sturdy and it looks great! These guys do what they say and on time too. Very impressed with the skill they used to place it precisely where I wanted it between trees. We are converting it into a dwelling for my son and it is absolutely perfect!

Tux Mills
July 20, 2023

Wholeheartedly Reccomend

I can’t say enough, not only for the high quality of the buildings they make, but also for the kindness and professionalism and efficiency of all the staff, from the receptionist to the delivery people.
My cabin was ready almost a week ahead of schedule, and delivered on the agreed day. My lot is on a hillside, and I was worried that it was too steep to push the building up there, but the delivery people managed to perform the miracle. I am completely satisfied for what I got, and eternally grateful for their hard work and dedication, and wholeheartedly recommend Bald Eagle Barns to anyone who needs a very well made cabin. Thank you Bald Eagle Barns!
Sofi S
July 20, 2023

Quality Made

Even though I’ve yet to purchase one, I can see by the massive inventory that these are quality made. The display lot is huge and very organized.
John Hoit
July 20, 2023

10 Out of 10

Just got my 10×20 Quaker delivered an hour earlier than expected to my great surprise and delight and also set to spec, all in less than a hour and a half.
Luke, the delivery and set up tech was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and most of all personable.
He alone moved, switched, pulled, pushed, and set my shed EXACTLY, to the inch, where I had wanted it.
This guy has definitely been there, done that, many, many times before.
I asked to lend a hand and he said, very politely, “Yes, you can help by standing out of the way and supervise me”.
I laughed and did just that.
My building is beautiful and extremely well made.
10 out of 10.
I got what I paid for and more. I think if you are looking for a ready made building, then Bald Eagle Barns are the ones to get.
Thank you, to all that had a hand in making my shed dream come true.
You are all good eggs.

Mr. T
July 20, 2023

Amazing Product

Amazing product from an amazing company. I have done business with Bald Eagle Barns for years and have not only recommend their products to my clients, but have purchased numerous units myself. From start to finish, it’s a seamless and enjoyable experience. They pay attention to details and it shows in the quality of the finished product.

Joey M
February 6, 2023

Awesome Company!

This is our second Barn Eagle. This one is a workshop and the quality is great. And square. Time to build was well worth waiting for. Brian did a excellent job communicating with me, to get my order correctly. Delivery was a challenge but he came through. Thanks for a good product.
Sofia Stafford
February 6, 2023