Utility Cabins
In Arkansas

shed wall height
8′ Wall Height
door height
Insulated Door
lp smartsiding for sheds
Treated LP SmartSide
rat proof portable storage shed
Mouse Proof
snake proof portable storage shed
Snake Proof
10x20 utility cabin

Our utility cabins are portable, which gives you flexibility when moving from one location to another. This cabin can be used for hunting, a guest house, in-law quarters, and more! 

The utility cabin is designed very similarly to our Workshop Shed. It has a 4′ pressure-treated porch with a railing, which gives it a distinct and appealing appearance. The utility cabin also has three standard stylish windows and one 36″ insulated door with panels. It also has standard 7’10” walls for more storage space.

No matter how you want to use it, you can customize this utility cabin to your specifications. You can also fill out a form to rent to own this cabin. More than being useful, these cabins also bring a level of class and beauty to your property. 

Utility Cabin Pricing

Size:Cash Price:36 m. RTO48 m. RTOSecurity Deposit


Standard utility Cabin Features & Specs

Standard FeatureDescription
Walls8' (7'10" inside measurement)
WindowsThree 2'x3' Standard
Door36 x 72 door with 9-lite glass
Porch4' front porch
RoofGable style
Flooring16" on center with 5/8 T&G Advantech Flooring

utility Cabin Upgrades

Available OptionPrice
Sunrise Gable$700
Insulated Vinyl Windows3x3 - $325 each (3x4 - $350 each)
Radient BarrierRoof- $1.50 sq. ft.
Walls $2 sq. ft.

Utility Cabin Inventory

Searching for an outdoor utility cabin in Arkansas? Delve into our vast inventory of both new and used options. Explore various sizes and styles to uncover the structure that best complements your property. Don’t miss out—explore our collection today and secure the perfect used utility cabin for your requirements.

Utility Cabin Delivery in Arkansas

On all of our utility cabins, we offer free delivery if you are within 50 miles of a radius of our dealers. If you are further than our dealers, additional charges will be per mile. After delivery, we also install the cabin to your specific location quickly and easily. Not to mention, we install the structure on concrete blocks, level and secure, so it will last you for years.

Cabin Interior

utility cabin interior
flooring utility cabin


Our cabin floorings are rot-resistant, so you can rest assured that your flooring will last years with limited maintenance. The water-resistant flooring helps to make sure your floor can handle all kinds of mishaps.

wall portable storage shed


Our utility cabin walls are sturdy and help to prevent rats and snakes from finding their way inside. They will withstand severe weather conditions because their joists are spaced 16’’ in the center.

safetyutility cabin


Our utility cabins come with keys and door chains for safety, and the design and build of these cabins are built in accordance with Arkansas coding and regulation.

siding portable storage shed


Since we use rot and mildew-resistant siding, it prolongs the utility cabin’s life. The 50-year treated siding also gives a beautiful exterior to your cabin.

Cabin Reviews

While it may appear too good to be true, our clients’ experiences with Bald Eagle Barns speak for themselves. We believe in treating others the way we would like to be treated, which applies to both personal and professional interactions. Our goal is to surpass our customers’ expectations, and we are delighted when they share their satisfaction with purchasing from us!