Barn Garages
In Arkansas

shed wall height
7’4″ Wall Height
door height
Insulated Doors
shed flooring
12″ Center Treated Joist
lp smartsiding for sheds
Treated LP SmartSide
Premium Metal Roofing

Our barn garage has the same features as a regular garage, combined with the extra storage that a barn brings to the table. Those barn garage lofts are essential for additional storage space. You can customize these spacious barn garages to meet your specific needs and rest easy, knowing that they are made of durable, high-quality materials that will last you for years.

Our barn garages, on top of being spacious, are easy to access, with a simple roll-up door as well as a side entry door. These barn garages will help you organize tools, equipment, and more while providing excellent protection for your car from weather damage. They also provide security for your vehicle, and our barn garages can be used for a variety of reasons, including a place to do hobbies.

Barn Garage Pricing

Size:Cash Price:36 m. RTO48 m. RTOSecurity Deposit


Standard Barn Garage Features & Specs

Standard FeaturesDescription
Loft16’ to 24’- two 4’ lofts
28' to 40'-two 8' lofts
Wall height7'4" (7'0' on 16' models)
Garage door8’x7 roll-up door
Walk Door36’’x72’’ insulated entry door
Window (one)2’x3’
Heavy Duty Flooring12" on center with 3/4 T&G Advantech flooring

Barn Garage Upgrades

Available OptionsPrice
9-Lite Door Upgrade$100
Carriage house overhead door upgrade$1,995
Ramp (8'W x 4'L$375
Extra windows (2x3 standard)$125
Radiant BarrierRoof: $1.50 sq. ft. Walls: $2.00 sq. ft.
Shelves & Workbenches$10 sq ft

Barn Garage Inventory

Are you currently in the market for a barn garage in Arkansas? Dive into our wide-ranging inventory of new and used barn garages. Explore a variety of sizes and styles to uncover the ideal structure that perfectly complements your property. Take full advantage of our offerings and find the barn garage that precisely meets your needs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—explore our Barn Garage Inventory today!

Barn Garage Delivery in Arkansas

We provide free delivery of barn garages as well as free installation of barn garages. If you live within a 50-mile radius of one of our dealers, we will deliver for free. If you live more than 50 miles from one of our dealers, there is an additional fee per mile. To learn more about our delivery, contact us or submit a quote.

Barn Garage Interior 

barn garage interior
barn garage flooring


Our barn garage floors are water resistant, and provide you with the most strength capacity for your vehicle. All of our structure’s flooring is pressure-treated, so they have benefits such as soft rot and mildew resistance, which could weaken lesser flooring. We use 12″ on center spacing for flooring systems of garages.

wall portable storage shed


Barn garage roofs are built with 2×4 lumber spaced every 16″ on center, which offers you the strongest roofing system and will require little future maintenanceif taken care of. We build our barn garage roof materials with metal roofing since metal roofs are extremely durable and one of the most long-lasting over other roofing materials.

celling portable storage shed


All of our barn garages are built to last and follow the Arkansas code and construction regulations. These barn garage doors come with locks to offer you safety, and the door features a double rubber seal to prevent bugs and moisture from entering the barn garage.

Portable Storage Shed Reviews

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