Up to $1,000 OFF In-Stock *Details Here* & 10% OFF Clearance Buildings

Up to $1,000 OFF In-Stock *Details Here* & 10% OFF Clearance Buildings

Portable Structures In Desha AR

450 Heber Springs Road
Batesville, Arkansas 72501

Self Service Lot

Bringing Excellence and Value In Outdoor Buildings

Bald Eagle Barns is dedicated to providing top-quality, reliable, and valuable solutions for each of our customers.  For the last two decades, we have crafted buildings that serve many different purposes. We have a selection of quality Portable Structures in Desha AR in a self-service lot beside Gleghorn Storage for you to access at your convenience.  You will find brochures in the onsite information shed that can give you more details.

utility shed with porch in arkansas

Our Building Types In Desha, AR

lofted barn shed portable buildings in arkansas

Portable Barns in Desha, AR

Discover the impressive capabilities of our portable structures in Desha AR. These storage structures are designed to fulfill your space needs perfectly. With a traditional barn style and several designs to choose from, you can find the structure that brings the most to you and your property. From storage to animal shelter, our barn sheds will unlock the potential of your property.

workshop portable buildings in arkanasa

Portable Workshops in Desha, AR

Experience convenience and functionality with a portable workshop in Desha, AR. Tailored to meet moderate workspace needs, these workshops offer customizable options for windows, doors, and colors, allowing you to create a dedicated space that matches your home’s design.  Small engine repair, gardening, and woodworking are just a few things you can accomplish in this accommodating workshop. 

12x24 prefab garage in arkansas

Portable Garages In Desha, AR

Our portable garages are not limited to vehicle storage; they also serve as excellent places for indulging in your hobbies. Whether you enjoy car maintenance, need a place for a bike or sports equipment, or want space for your recreational pursuits, these versatile portable buildings have got you covered. Find the remedy you need and browse our quality portable garages today at our lot in Desha, AR.

8x12 value shed in arkansas

Portable Value Series in Desha, AR

Explore the remarkable capabilities of our Value Series sheds in Desha, AR.  Our extensive options allow you to maximize your space by designing the perfect shed tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you seek additional storage space or have other creative aspirations, these portable structures in Desha AR open up a world of possibilities to elevate your outdoor area and cater precisely to your desires.

cabin portable buildings in arkansas

Portable Cabins In Desha, AR

Experience the joy of owning a creative spot with a portable cabin. Seize the opportunity to create a retreat for painting, fishing, or simply a bit of rest. If you occasionally desire to escape the daily grind, check out our abundance of choices online and get a hands-on feel for our portable cabins by visiting our location in Desha, AR.

studio portable buildings in arkansas

Portable Specialty Buildings in Desha, AR

Discover our unique Specialty series in Desha, AR. We feature three distinct structures, each offering its own timeless style and design to suit your taste.  They can range from a storage area to an office workspace to a backyard relaxing spot. No matter your needs, one of these options will be your classy solution.

Our Used Inventory of Portable Structures in Desha AR

Transform your Desha, AR backyard into your sanctuary with our extraordinary range of handy sheds, garages, and cabins. Discover a collection that boasts functionality, durability, and impeccable style, all crafted to elevate your outdoor space. Whether you seek extra storage, a personalized workshop, or a serene retreat, we have the perfect solution to fulfill your every wish. Don’t wait—explore our used inventory today and uncover the ideal portable structures in Desha AR.

Portable Structures Delivery in Desha, AR

Benefit from free delivery service for portable structures in Desha, AR, if you are within a 50-mile radius of one of our dealers! Additionally, we offer leveling and installation on blocks at no extra charge. If you reside more than 50 miles from one of our dealers, please be aware that there may be an additional delivery fee.