Up to $1,000 OFF In-Stock *Details Here* & 10% OFF Clearance Buildings

Up to $1,000 OFF In-Stock *Details Here* & 10% OFF Clearance Buildings

Portable Structures In Imboden AR

103 West 3rd Street
Imboden, Arkansas 72434

Self Service Lot

Bringing you Excellent and Quality Portable Structures

We take pride in delivering excellence and value in outdoor buildings to our esteemed customers. With a rich legacy of two decades, we have been crafting top-quality portable structures in Imboden AR that cater to a diverse range of needs. Located in Imboden, AR, our self-service lot is readily accessible across the street from Citizens Bank, showcasing our selection of well-built sheds. Our commitment to convenience extends further with brochures available at the onsite information shed, offering comprehensive details about our offerings.

utility shed with porch in arkansas

Our Building Types In Imboden, AR

lofted barn shed portable buildings in arkansas

Portable Barns in Imboden, AR

Bringing limitless potential to your Imboden, AR, property, our well-designed portable barns are the answer to your storage needs, whether for a lawn mower, animal shelter, or hobby center.  Looking like a traditional barn, these structures will add charm to your property while providing extra space.  Unlock the full potential of your place by choosing the barn shed that will fit your preferences.

workshop portable buildings in arkanasa

Portable Workshop in Imboden, AR

Experience the blend of convenience and usefulness with our exceptional portable structures in Imboden AR. Carefully designed as a moderate workspace with custom options, these workshops offer a space for engaging in small engine repairs, nurturing your garden, or honing your woodworking skills.  Our accommodating portable workshops will support your lifestyle and hobbies with ease.

12x24 prefab garage in arkansas

Portable Garages In Imboden, AR

Our portable garages go beyond storage, offering excellent spaces for your interests. Working with cars, storing bikes and toys, and pursuing hobbies will all utilize your portable garage as the all-purpose hub you need it to be.  Such convenience will allow you to pursue the things in life that are most important to you.  Browse our selection of structures at our lot in Imboden, AR. 

8x12 value shed in arkansas

Portable Value Series in Imboden, AR

With our portable structures in Imboden AR, our extensive options allow you to design the perfect shed that caters to your unique requirements, maximizing your available space.  These adaptable structures can be used for any situation, from a poolhouse or small theater to a shop or chicken coop.  Get creative and choose the shed that fits you and your creative designs.

cabin portable buildings in arkansas

Portable Cabins In Imboden, AR

Delight in owning a serene and creative retreat with one of our portable cabins. Embrace the boundless possibilities of creating a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for activities like painting, gaming, fishing, or simply unwinding and escaping from the demands of everyday life. For those in Imboden, AR, who seek refuge from the hustle of life, we welcome you to experience the charm of our portable cabins.

studio portable buildings in arkansas

Specialty Buildings in Imboden, AR

From impeccable design to timeless style, our Portable Specialty buildings provide the structure you’ve been looking for.  With several different designs available, choose the one that fits you.  Whether for a storage area, an office workspace, or an area to relax, these portable buildings have it all and will exceed your highest expectations. Explore our selection today at our self-service location in Imboden, AR.

portable structures in Imboden AR

Our collection of used portable sheds is built with durability, ease of access, and great visual appeal in mind.  Regardless of the application, we have a structure that will elevate your outdoor space to the next level. Don’t wait to get your thoughtfully crafted building and begin today to enjoy the benefits that your shed will bring. Shop at your convenience at our self-service lot in Imboden, AR, located across the street from Citizens Bank.

Portable Structures Delivery in Imboden, AR

If you live within 50 miles of us or a dealer, we offer free delivery service for our portable structures. Additionally, we provide leveling and installation on blocks at no extra charge. For customers residing beyond 50 miles from one of our dealers, please note that there may be an additional delivery fee.