The Side Cabin is the perfect for a weekend get-away retreat! Featuring a 4'x12' porch located on the side of the building, this design gives your Side Cabin a cozy appearance. With a standard wall height of 7'10" tall, and four standard 2x3 windows, the Side Cabin provides a spacious interior feel! Upgrade the windows to the insulated vinyl and you will be amazed at the increased energy efficiency of your Side Cabin! With sizes available up to 16x40, the floor planning choices are many. If you prefer your porch in the center of the building, no problem! We can do this for an additional $400. Call or stop by today to check out more exciting features and upgrades available for your new Side Cabin experience!

You may customize your building by adding windows, a radiant barrier, additional doors, and more! 

   Imagine the possibilities!!  

Why rent that storage unit downtown? Now you can have storage in your own back yard. It's all at home with Rent-To-Own!!
NOTE: Footprint of 12', 14' and 16' wide buildings are approximately 7 inches less than stated width. 
All dimensions are approximate!
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Arkansas Portable Buildings and Wood Storage Sheds

Arkansas Portable Storage Sheds
Prices do not include sales tax. 
Double Top Plate makes for straight walls and roof
Double 2.5"x4" Steel Truss Gusset for stronger roof
2x4 construction on 16" centers for straight and strong walls
Our siding is the famous LP Smart Side. This siding is treated with a zinc borate chemical to resist termites and wood eating insects. This siding comes with an impressive 50 year warranty and will not crack, split, and fade like pressure treated T-111 does.
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We use 5/8" Tongue and Groove Flooring.
This makes your floor much stronger than standard square edge.
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 The Side Cabin
The initial payment for Rent to Own is the first payment plus the security deposit.
Featured Building:

Size: 14x40
Style: Side Cabin

    Siding: Quaker Tan
    Trim: Sandstone
    Roof: Burnished Slate

Featured Options: 
    3x3 Vinyl window upgrade

Price as shown: $18,045 plus tax

$835.42 / 36 mo or $751.88 / 48 mo + tax