For your safety and convenience we deliver our buildings ourselves. We do not hire out the delivery to other haulers. This helps us to be timely with delivery schedules, plus we make sure the buildings are blocked up properly. Having a solid foundation is very important, therefore we do not cut corners on setting up your building. We use MASONRY cap blocks to give you a solid foundation. We bring the blocks with us, and set your building up solid and level for FREE!. When we leave your place, the building is blocked up properly and ready to use. No need to worry about inexperienced crews who hurry to get the job done. 
Don't settle for less!!
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We Deliver !

Free Blocking
Free Delivery 
within 50 miles of your nearest dealer.
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Wood Storage Sheds Delivery
Below is a map indicating our Free Delivery range. If your building gets delivered inside the black lines, you qualify for free delivery. If your building gets delivered outside the black lines but inside the red lines, an additional delivery charge may apply.

Some deliveries are a little more complicated than others and in preparation for these, we purchased the "Mule". In many cases, the Mule allows us to deliver your building even if the ground is wet, thereby maintaining delivery schedules. With the wide floatation drive tires, we can park the truck and trailer in the driveway, unload the building, and bring the building into your backyard with minimal tracks where the truck possibly would have left major ruts! The Mule also allows us to maneuver into tighter positions than the truck and trailer could do. In general, the Mule allows us to get your job done, in spite of most circumstances.  
The "Mule"
​Once your building is in position, we level it up and establish a solid foundation using a series of concrete blocks. We begin with a solid cap block. This ensures a much better foundation that reduces potential settling over time and it also makes so that termites cannot crawl up the inside of the pillar. The standard setup is free and the concrete blocks also come to you free of charge! However, for those of you who request to have more than standard clearance under your building, there may be an additional charge for the extra blocks and labor.