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The Barn Cabin is our newest style. The 7' 4 1/2" sidewalls are designed to give you maximum space by offering extra room for the overhead lofts. So whether you are setting up a secluded deer cabin or your week-end get-away at the lake, you'll be glad for the extra space the Barn Cabin offers. It is also a wonderful design that looks great in your back yard as a guest house; or maybe a personal office for your home-based business! The 4' porch provides added shelter from the elements, plus an inviting, "dressed up" look that is sure to appeal to all your guests. The 3 windows that come standard with your Barn Cabin give you lots of light and added ventilation.  As an added bonus, the Barn Cabin features a uniquely designed loft over the front porch. This can be used for a variety of purposes such as sleeping, storage, or a place for the children or grandchildren to explore! So, come on over and select the Barn Cabin that best meets your needs!!!  

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NOTE: Footprint of building is approximately 6 inches less than stated width. 
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Porch Rails Now Included
$139 Value for FREE!
12x28 Barn Cabin
10x20 Barn Cabin
NOTE: The overall length includes the 4' porch. Example: A 12x32 Barn Cabin has a 28' room. 
14x32 Barn Cabin with optional XL windows
12x32 Barn Cabin
The initial payment for Rent to Own is the
 first payment plus the security deposit.